Women’s Art therapy programme


Women’s Art therapy programme

This pack is my favourite of all, the woman’s art therapy pack which is also a 3- month self- help/art programme for woman that just need a bit of time to themselves we all know how stressful life can get! I have created this pack more from what life was like for me and that art was always the one thing I could turn to no matter what.
The programme book in the middle is a 29 -page book with a diary, journaling, self -helping steps, planning what you want to feel like in 3 months. Activities even down to writing your own session notes from your own views how you feel it went and how you feel about the planned activities given to you.
This pack you don’t need to an artist or even good at drawing it’s not about that, it’s about just being you and finding time for yourself! And to set yourself some goals on what you want to achieve in the now and the future. I am very passionate about the work that I have created and even if it can just help one person, that is my job well done it’s to support you and to show you want you can be capable of we all have hidden thoughts.

What's included in the pack:

  • Client welcome kit, 3 -month art programme to set your inner artist free! We all have one.
  • Sheets on how colours can affect us day to day and learning how colour effects our mood even without us realising it, even down to what we choose to wear each morning can affect our mood positive or negative feelings.
  • 30 pack of positivity cards, all been hand designed with little sets of suits of 3, all with double sided colours and positive words and their meanings.
  • Pens will be added so you can do the girls can draw too, art therapy book which is a 45 -page book with all sorts of art activities, and famous woman quotes. And showing the world what I have been through and how art has improved who I am.
  • A pocket journal you can write your feelings down even on the go!
  • The best part an invitation to a painting party, I have created a presentation that will explain what my work is, and an art activity that’s 45 mins to create a piece of art no matter what it is. You can also bring a glass of your favourite drink or a cuppa up to you, but its’ to connect with other woman, meet some new people who knows even a few friendships can be formed.
  • The welcome kit will also include 1:1 sessions or group work 3 to 4 people can attend,, on zoom, phone call or face to face, the first call will determined, if this is the right thing for you and what we will be working on. Weekly meetings for the period of 3 months. And homework will be set to the best of your abilities, what you will feel comfortable with which will then be returned on the following session via email or bring to the session and will be discussed.
  • Some sections: how to prepare for our sessions, get clear on what you want from the programme, set your goals that you want for yourself, a monthly review, can write your own session notes how it went for you. Weekly planner and a monthly planner, journaling and taking time just for yourself.
  • To able to work together and to create a safe and friendly environment, care and consideration will be accounted for with each client according to their needs.
  • The time throughout this programme will help you understand why colour can be important as well as creating art. We all have a hidden artist inside this programme has been designed for me to help that shine through.
  • Then it will be hand wrapped in a box, with tissue paper and handled with care even my company logo sticker to make sure it’s presented at a high standard, then will be shipped out to you as soon as possible.
All I ask is that you have an open mind, to allow yourself time to just be you we all need a rest no matter how hard we work and a chance to connect with other woman that might just need that extra bit of support. If we can support others, to be creative and love the work that we do and get messy. What is better than that! I believe we all have the hidden artist inside and this pack and all my work is there to help you discover who we can be its time to just be you! And we can support and help one another shine through.
Take a look at my website to find out more and see the different packs available.


  1. I received my pack on Friday and am so excited to get going. I also attended one of Lottie’s virtual Art Evenings and it was so lovely to get involved and sit and draw (even though I’m not great) it was like being a child again, just lost in my drawing. We all ended up shedding a few tears. I think many of us were taken back to inner child, it was so therapeutic. I can’t recommend this enough xx