When business isn’t booming

When business isn't booming

As our world starts to return to some version of ‘normal’, does it feel like the online rapport we have had for a while has suddenly nose dived??

You wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that!

One common factor among all of my clients over the past few weeks, is that they have noticed a significant decline in the social media interaction and online sales. There could be a few accounting factors for this, but in business, as well as life in general, we need to adjust with the ebb and flow.

We’ve been released!

We’ve been locked up in our homes for the best part of a year. As business owners, we had to adjust the way in which we worked, communicated & generated business. For lots of us, we may have had little to no online presence, you had to think quickly on your feet by introducing online sales platforms, sharing your news via technology, juggling the home/work life balance. Now, we are slowly recovering our freedoms and this naturally means people are spending less time on their phones (and so they should!) 

Are you moving with the times?

On Instagram for example, have you created your first reel yet? The social media big wigs like to keep us on our toes by changing their algorithms every now and then, and one new capability on Insta is the reel function. You may think that it’s far too complicated for you, but believe me it is SO simple! You can make them as basic or as complex as you like to begin with, but not only does Insta favour them in their rankings, they are fantastic and so engaging for your audience to watch. 

Find the silver lining

What’s that project you’ve been wanting to do but can never find the time? In what way do you want to develop your business? Use this time productively, and before you know it, business WILL pick back up again, because it always does! Only, however, if you keep pursuing your dreams and putting the hard work in behind the scenes.

Keep momentum going

Don’t lose hope with your social media. Find relevant content to share, share snippets of your own story, behind the scenes, FAQs, testimonials etc. Be prepared so that when people click onto your page, the last time you posted anything wasn’t 3 months before! Fake it till you make it darling!

Here’s some ideas on how you can spend your free time focusing on your Business

Create an email list

You can use a lead generator to encourage people to sign up to your mailing list. This can include a freebie, discount code, anything that will give your audience some value. Social media is fantastic, but they will never show your content to 100% of your following, and of course you can always have your account hacked or taken down, so an email list is completely yours! Be careful of GDPR though, so I recommend using software such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Convertkit etc to manage your unsubscribers. 

Start a blog!

If your business has a website (if not, WHY not!) then all blog posts will help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Google ranks websites based on their value and offering to the public, the more changes, products you add, information you put on there, helps you to be seen. Not only that, as with any kind of journaling, it is really therapeutic to get your thoughts down onto paper and can help you feel inspired and excited about your Business! 

Catch up with your accounts

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll put off any task that has anything to do with numbers… but it is a necessary part of being a business owner! Don’t leave it all until year end, even if you have an accountant, get all the information together that they will need and really get the back office side of your business running smoothly. Yes Kathy, you too.

Create future content

Do you want to hold a sale? Promote a particular event or product? Maybe just create some general adverts you can use, showing your offering, who you are, your testimonials, that you can upload at any point in the future. Get creative!

Connect with other businesses

Knowing you’re not alone is so important when you’re self employed! It’s similar to having a newborn, when you have that ‘oh my baby doesn’t sleep’ and someone else says ‘mine doesn’t either’! Get yourself an accountability partner to bounce ideas off each other. If you’re curious about hiring a Virtual Assistant, then this is something we can offer as part of our support. We can help with planning, filtering your to do list, working on specific projects and creating strategies to help lighten the load on your shoulders.

Above all else, when business is slow, that is NOT the time to give up! Remember why you started, and as long as your passion is still there, then the world is your oyster!