What’s on your New Moon wish list?

What's on your New Moon wish list?

The Moon possesses incredible powers, after all it controls far more than the sea! And the best bit is, you don’t have to be an Astrologer to know how to work with the Moon!

Across the globe, we are all becoming far more aware of the benefits of living with mindfulness. From the decisions we make, the food that we eat, we are increasingly more conscious about eating clean, healthy food, taking time out in nature away from the stresses of modern day life, and even using conscious breathing through meditation to bring inner calm & clarity.

Women have been working with the cycles of the Moon for millennia! In spirituality the Moon is known as the Divine Feminine, whereas the Sun carries a much stronger, more powerful energy known as the Divine Masculine.

Once you’re ready to delve deeper into moonology, you can live your life in full alignment with all the different phases of the Moon, but the New Moon & Full Moon is an excellent starting point. 

New Moon Meaning

Similar to our female menstrual cycles, the Moon works in an approximate 28 day cycle. The New Moon represents exactly that… NEW! But we all know you can’t have new without clearing out the old, which is where the Full Moon comes into play.

So what should you do to harness the New Moon’s powerful energy?

Time for the fun part!

What ‘new’ do you want in your life? What energy do you want to manifest? What areas of your life do you want to create more abundance in?

Download our free worksheet for a 3-card spread, your New Moon wish list & affirmation to cement your intentions!

You can spend as much or as little time on your ritual as you like. I LOVE to make it an event in itself! Have a play around and see what works for you, but here’s our suggestions:

Create a calm environment

Devote this time to you, it's the least you can do if you want to turn your dreams into reality! Make sure you won't be disturbed and sit in a quiet, comfortable place.

Sensory associations

Being a natural routine person, I am all about the rituals! I love nothing more than lighting a candle and incense and playing some relaxing music every time I meditate. This forms a great link to your subconscious mind that your body recognises these routines and is ready to relax & unwind.

Write your wishes

If you're struggling for inspiration, think back to the previous month. What didn't you like about it? What do you want more of? Do you want to achieve certain goals?

Use Oracle/Tarot Cards for extra guidance

If you're a spiritual person, then there's a good chance you have used oracle or tarot cards before. You can ask the Angels for specific guidance, you'll be surprised what will come out for you! Often they know more than we do, it may not even be clear to us straight away but if you're open to receiving, they will guide you. *Why not do the 3-card spread from our downloadable worksheet!*

Visualise success

The key to this, is visualise your dreams as if they have already manifested! Use language & images in your mind's eye to communicate directly with the Moon, tell them your wishes (either in your head or out loud) but really hold that thought for at least 60 seconds.

Release into the Universe

Now release this powerful manifestation into the Universe! My favourite way of doing this is to (safely!) burn your list! There is something so empowering about watching this magical piece of paper evaporate into the atmosphere!

If you’re stuck for time though or aren’t surrounded by crystals then don’t worry. The main thing is that you really think about what you are manifesting over the next month, and energetically passing it over to the Moon either in your head or out loud.