What it is Like to Own a Health and Wellbeing Business

What it is Like to Own a Health and Wellbeing Business

I have owned my own health and wellbeing business for around 10 years now. Before that, I worked in retail management, managing sportswear shops and health food shops in France and prior to that I was a professional dancer.

Suffice to say I am very passionate about looking after oneself! 

As a self employed sole trader, there are a lot of things that people don’t realise about running a business of this nature. In this article I hope to give you a bit of an insight on what it is like!

I think the biggest part I play in my business is ‘walking the walk’. Especially with the work I do with endometriosis sufferers, I feel I can only help others if I am also helping myself. As a long term sufferer myself, the passion I have for helping others with the condition, first grew from my own experiences. I therefore, live my life by what I teach, which takes time, dedication and often sacrifices. I feel I need to be that shinning example for my clients and put in a lot of hard work on my self to be able to be that. 

I work around 20 hours contact time with clients per week. A mixture of online training, online coaching for endo/nutrition planning or in person PT work. Additionally I physically teach 6 classes per week, making up another 3 1/2 hours of physical work. 

Additional work I do are:

  • Social media (writing posts and creating Canva images). Live broadcasts
  • Accounts (keeping on top of incoming and outgoing finances)
  • Networking (in person and online meetings)
  • Podcast (record 1 per month, need to plan and write show notes)
  • Writing articles for various groups/ publications I am involved in. 
  • Writing nutrition/exercise plans for clients. 
  • Research and reading on current research on endo, menopause and health and wellbeing in general. 

As you can see there is a lot involved and I never stop! I work 3 days a week for around 12 hours a day. 2 days a week for 8 and a couple of hours on a morning on a Saturday. 

As I said at the beginning of this article, I do also take time to look after myself in this busy schedule, so I am practicing what I preach.

Each day I:

  • meditate for at least 5 minutes
  • Go for a walk in nature, even if its only 10 mins.
  • take an hour for lunch 
  • exercise in some form, even if its a few stretches
  • eat good nutrition to fuel me correctly in line with my condition and food intolerances.
  • practice gratitude and journal

Every Friday afternoon I have ‘my time’ and book something lovely such as; a massage, reflexology, have my nails done or even a lunch with a friend.

Every Sunday, I never work and I do something nice with my husband/with friends such as; going for a walk, lunch out, cinema, go away on occasion, read or just have a lazy day watching films! 

As you can see having a health and wellbeing business has its challenges but I certainly wouldn’t change it. I love what I do and feel the greatest satisfaction from helping every single one of my clients.