‘We Believe You’

'We Believe You'

Written by a domestic abuse survivor.

“A poem dedicated to supporting the Values and Principles of Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid.  ‘We believe women’s and children’s experience of abuse’ is one of the values.  Lots of staff have said to me, ‘we believe you’ and that’s what inspired me to write this using my experience.”

Your old hats – minimise, deny, avoid and blame
Put these new ones on, see how they fit

Accountability and responsibility are the names
OWN THEM – you’ll love them!

Your distorted perception won’t tear us apart anymore
Trickster, illusionist, oppressor – torturing and sabotaging souls everywhere
Convincingly, and cold-heartedly, seizing loving energy and light
A pervasive and destructive MIND VIRUS, wreaking havoc effortlessly
You don’t believe me?
We believe you and we know it’s real

Your intimidating threats of kicking us out and
STEALING our SHELTER, our PROTECTION, in an instant,
Won’t leave us destitute and homeless anymore
Pulling the rug swiftly from under our feet WHEN IT SUITS
You don’t believe me?
We believe you; we see it all the time and you’re safe here

I’ll do you in, I’ll f*cking kill you, I’ll rip your head off!”
Won’t put my life on the line anymore
Our story is no longer part of your story
You don’t believe me?
We believe you; your lives are precious and part of our story now.


  1. This poem made me cry, just those words ‘I believe you’ are so powerful when you’ve been chipped away at for years and years and belittled, told that ‘it’s all in your head’ , ‘you’re mad’ ‘your paranoid’ – Thank you so so much for sharing xxx