Variable Energy or Fixed Energy?

Variable Energy or Fixed Energy?

Energy providers buy gas and electric at wholesale then sell it on to their customers.

Customers are on one of two types of tariff. 

A standard variable tariff means charges to a customer will fluctuate with wholesale prices going up or down.

A fixed tariff means your bills are in a contract, starting at an agreed date and calculated on the current wholesale price at the time, and those charges will be fixed for the next 12 months without going up or down.


Either way, a customer still needs to pay for what they use. The difference between variable and fixed is the unit price.


That’s why, with recent news that standard energy costs are rising on 1st April, it’s cheaper to be on a fixed tariff. Variable energy is rising by @£96 a year, that’s approx. £8 added to your utility bill every month. So, if you get on a fixed tariff now before the rise, you’ll benefit from 12 more months at the current lower cost.

At UW, we help people lower their bills even further:

When taking our full bundle (energy, broadband and mobile), the gas and electric can be lowered by 20%.

Our free LED lightbulbs we give to bundle customers lowers their electricity usage and therefore lowers their bill. March 2021 is the final month for new customers to secure their free LED lightbulb service. To benefit from free bulbs long term, arrange a chat with me asap!

Guaranteed savings – UW beats the Ofgem “fair price” calculation by up to 5% and promises to keep them lower than the price cap for as long as you remain a customer

Other ways that UW can benefit you:
Use our Cashback card for all your shopping and lower your utility bill by £10, 20, 30+ every month!

Treating you fairly – whether you’re new to UW, or have been with them for years, everyone gets the same great value. No introductory ‘deals’ with price hikes to follow and no retention deals to keep you.

We supply green energy – our green fixed tariff means customers who take all our services can power their homes with 100% renewable electricity.
Smart meters are free! Smart meters stop the need for the customer to give meter readings. Why not have our 2nd generation ones fitted and get credited £50 too.

To find out how UW can benefit you, get in touch by emailing or call 07734 511653 and we’ll arrange a time for me to show you online. A short time with me to sort your bills means you can sit back and relax with no more worrying.

If you browse my website and would like to switch to UW, please contact me directly and we’ll go through it together.