Top Tips for a Healthy Christmas

Tips for Keeping Healthy over the Festive Period

Over the festive period, many people forget about their health. Stop exercising and eat and drink alcohol uncontrollably. I have a few tips that can help this without stopping enjoying yourself.

  1. If you are invited to lots of events, choose a couple that you are going to consume alcohol at, don’t drink at them all. Offer to drive so that you don’t get tempted or talked into it!
  2. On the occasions that you are consuming alcohol, drink some water in between. Not only will that save you some calories, swapping your alcohol for water, but it will help the hangover!
  3. After a big night out try not to reach for the trash foods. Instead eat lots of greens, full of anti oxidants, beetroot to cleanse the liver and lots of water to rehydrate. 
  4. When you go shopping don’t get tempted by all the offers available. Remember they are only a saving if you wanted them in the first place. Go with a list and don’t diversify from it. Get some things you enjoy but don’t have the house stocked with too much. It will hang around into next year and when you are potentially trying to get ‘back on it’ it will be a temptation. 
  5. Be sensible with how much you are eating. If you have had a creamy dessert, for example, don’t then sit and eat chocolates. Choose one or the other, not both!
  6. Don’t stop exercising. The ‘I’ll start again in January’ attitude isn’t going to do you any favours. If you are eating and drinking more, that workout could help to burn off some calories. Not only that, it makes you feel better in your mind. Eating and drinking excessively can make you feel tired, heavy and sluggish. Exercise can counteract this feeling and give you some of that feel good factor.
  7. If you are a regular exerciser then add in some high intensity hiits or weights sessions. If you are not go for some nice walks. Just keep yourself moving, believe me you will feel better!
  8. Relax, Christmas is only one day, you don’t have to make yourself ill with stress and anxiety because of it! Take 5 minutes a day that is just for you and switch off.
  9. Have a list of things to do and work through it sensibly. Don’t give yourself 100 things to do in one day and tire yourself out. Delegate tasks to others in your family, you don’t have to do everything yourself !!
  10. Enjoy yourself. We all deserve to let our hair down and have fun. Just take note of some of these comments. Be sensible and don’t let your health suffer.

Have an amazing Christmas and wishing you all a happy, healthy 2022 xx