The Difference Between Natural, Chemical and Surgical Menopause

The Differences Between Natural, Chemical and Surgical Menopause

Often with a condition such as endometriosis women are forced into a chemical menopause to help reduce their symptoms. In extreme cases young women are given no other choice than to have a hysterectomy pushing them into a surgical menopause.
What are the differences?
Natural menopause:
A gradual change into ovulation ceasing. Over time women first start with the perimenopause where symptoms start to present such as hot flushes, sleep problems, mood changes, weight gain etc. Then menopause when periods have stopped for 12 months or more, then post menopause.
Chemical Menopause:
This is an induced menopause which may sometimes be reversed after treatment. Side effects are similar to those of perimenopause.
Surgical Menopause:
This occurs after surgery to remove ovaries. This abruptly brings on menopausal symptoms and usually HRT is required.
Always seek advice from your health care advisor on any of these processes. Never just leave it as there are things that can help with each.