'Suzie' Books

Hello everyone,

I am Charlotte, the author and founder of the Suziebooks series.

I used to work in a school and just over 10 years ago, I left and started writing my own stories.

My son had a diagnosis of Aspergers and slowly my writing turned into stories that were based on our own experiences and hurdles that we were faced with. I realised that there wasn’t anything out there like Suziebooks and I believe had there been, they would have been a useful resource to have had to help explain to him what might happen in a certain situation.

Whilst we were pleased to have been given a diagnosis, it wasn’t until my son was 10 years old, so in the early days we had no idea of why he reacted to new things in the way that he did, ie, a meltdown, screaming, running away, boy, he could run!!!

Also, with day to day life, came the sensory side, again, something we knew nothing about, why having a haircut caused such distress, bathing and showering – the same, but we soon learnt that there were often reasons behind the behaviour and distress.

Many children find change and new experiences challenging and so the idea is that by reading a title before anything new is about to take place, it can help ease any anxieties and hopefully make the transition a little less daunting as the child would have had the situation explained to them before hand.

I have had some famous people reading some titles as well as having a title animated and used twice on Virgin Airlines.

Throughout this journey, I have learnt so much from many people, including my son, adapting myself to his needs and understanding.

I’ve also learnt to ask for things, be a little cheeky, people can only say “No”.

I have been lucky to meet some wonderful people along the way, I look forward to writing more, helping other families and keep loving what I do.

Please take a moment to visit, www.suziebooks.co.uk, where you will see the mentioned videos, reviews, taster pages and more.




Thank you for taking the time to read this.

With my best wishes,