Stress Management for Endometriosis


With a condition such as endometriosis, stress does not mix well. When we are stressed out, the body produces cortisol to help us cope and respond.

Cortisol is made up of the same ingredients as progesterone, but the body will prioritise cortisol over progesterone and thus at this time when we should be using progesterone we use cortisol instead. Then the body is confused and starts to raise oestrogen at a time of month that it ordinarily shouldn’t. This sends the body out of balance, hence why we can feel that our hormones are all over the place and we have the symptoms of PMS. Therefore, it is important to control stress as much as possible and keep the level of stress to a minimum.

Where to start is recognising what is actually causing you stress. Work? Relationship? house? children? Once you admit what the main culprit is you can start to look for solutions to help you resolve the stress surrounding the problem.

Often it is not possible to get out of the situation completely like for instance a job, but you can find ways of helping yourself cope with it better. A lot of this can be done by changing your mindset and how you respond to situations.

Also as well as the deep routed stress, we can also find techniques to use once we feel unexpected stress happening, like the car breaking down, or getting stuck in traffic etc.

We are always going to have unexpected stress, but again, if we have techniques we can turn to, to help calm us in these situations, the better our health will be.

Here is a list of quick techniques that can help if you feel stress accumulating:
– Breathing Techniques
– Meditation
– Listening to a piece of music that calms you or is uplifting

Practices you can do regularly that will help you to relax. Done consistently will lead to a calmer you in the long term:
– Doing some yoga
– Dancing or moving the body
– Taking a hot bath with candles
– Having reflexology
– Going for a relaxing massage

Self care exercises:
– Writing a gratitude list daily
– Writing down your achievement of the day at the end of every day
– Reciting affirmations