Stop Smoking Today!

Stop Smoking Today

Have you made up your mind it is time to stop smoking yet?

The 10th March 2021, is ‘Stop Smoking Day’ or why not choose your own special day – JUST DO IT!

It could save your life and some money – so it’s a win win!  

The decision is yours to make. Make up your mind, nobody can do it for you.

Do you remember the day you first started smoking and the reasons why ?

Well, I remember my first cigarette and how awful it tasted, yet I continued to smoke it. Not because I was physically enjoying it, but psychologically, I was looking and acting the way I thought I should to fit in with the cool kids that smoked.

At thirteen I needed to fit in and would do anything to make it happen.

Fast forward twenty years and there I was still hooked on the nicotine, reaching for a cigarette every time I told myself I needed to relax. I was stressed and thought the cigarette would take that away.

How wrong I was back then. Smoking 20 cigarettes each day I wondered why I was breathless when I ran upstairs!

The money was always found for my cigarettes, until one day I went to the corner shop to buy my fix along with my then 8 year old son. Once in the shop, my son asked for some sweets only for me to realise that I did not have enough money for both.

What choice did I make? Of course the cigarettes, sweets were bad for my boy!

This experience began to repeat in my mind.

I decided I would try and give up smoking – that’s it ‘try’

So by telling my sub-conscoius mind it would be hard to do, the results showed it was too hard to do, consequently I was still smoking.

I didn’t realise at the time the power of the sub-conscious mind. The words I used produced the results.

I have been an ex-smoker for fifteen years now and the tool that I used to successfully change this was Hypnosis.

I was so impressed with the hypnosis that I trained and qualified in this profession back in 2008.

On my own path of personal development, I have used many tools to heal mind, body and soul.

Hypnotherapy is just one successful tool I have used to help 100’s of people to stop smoking.

Now I want to help you by offering and providing this unique tool to save your health and some money.

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Please feel free to give me feedback on your journey of stopping smoking today.

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