Simple Eco-Friendly Swaps

Simple Eco-Friendly Swaps

Today, (22nd April 2021) is International Mother Earth Day. 

Over the past few years we have become more and more aware of the damage that humanity has done to our beautiful planet. Whilst we can’t change what’s passed, we can collectively make small changes within our lives that will have a huge impact on our carbon footprint. 

Thankfully, these days kids in school are being taught about the importance of caring for our planet and how we should be making conscious decisions, such as switching off lights when they’re not needed, reducing our water usage, and even how to grow your own food!

As adults though, we can be so busy rushing around with our day to day lives that we could be forgiven for not giving it much thought. We’d all love to save money on our bills, so reducing the amount of electricity we use is probably already up there on our list of ‘nags’. I mean, who didn’t grow up with “It’s like bloomin’ Blackpool Illuminations in this house!” from their parents!

International Mother Earth Day is an excellent opportunity to make some extra, conscious changes to the way we live, and it’s even simpler than you might imagine! Here are some suggestions for you… comment below with any others you might have!

Together, let’s make our planet healthy again!