Refuge Care Packs

'Sleep Safe Tonight' Care Packs

Helping women seeking safety...

Here at Women Empowering Women UK, escaping domestic abuse is a matter that’s close to our heart. If plucking up the strength and courage to leave a toxic and sometimes dangerous relationship isn’t hard enough, women can then find themselves completely empty handed, as often they are fleeing a situation having had no time to plan or prepare for what lies before them.

That’s why we are creating our ‘Sleep Safe Tonight’ packs, to help those in need.

Just a few essentials and comforts, to hopefully give women 1 less thing to worry about.

We’re looking for any companies who would be interested in stocking these in their shops, or would even like to sponsor the packs themselves or donate items towards them. 

If your organisation would like to be part of our mission, then please drop us an email.

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Prefer to pay little and often?

Why not set up a monthly payment, to contribute to our mission.