Puzzlette – a piece of herstory

Puzzlette - a piece of herstory

Puzzlette is an innovative, engaging and educational 2-in-1 puzzle and boardgame. The aim of the product is not only to provide family fun, but also to educate young girls and their families about the importance of female role models from a range of backgrounds. You can order our product through the order form on our website.

Our mission

Our mission as a company is to educate younger girls, as well as their families, about inspirational women from all walks of life. We want to inspire and encourage young girls to reach for the stars, and work to achieve their dreams. We hope to have a positive impact on the new generation of female pioneers and motivate everyone to appreciate and support the women in their lives.

About us

We are Mercury, an all-female company of students from The Tiffin Girls’ School. We come from a range of diverse backgrounds, and we all have our individual dreams about achieving change and making the world a better place. We are very passionate about our product, Puzzlette, and we have designed and produced it during COVID-19 to keep in line with our key aims as a company, to inspire a new generation of feminists in a fun and engaging way.

Our product

Puzzlette is a two in one jigsaw puzzle and educational board game, designed to celebrate the stories of 7 inspirational women, past and present.

With one side of the puzzle being a beautiful hand-drawn illustration and the other being a fun and informative trivia game about the women, Puzzlette entertains, but also educates!

Watch our advert for Puzzlette here.

Both sides of the puzzle were drawn by talented local artist and student at The Tiffin Girls’ School, Ella Burke.

Find more of her work on Instagram @artbyellaaa or by clicking here.

The quotes included on both the board game and illustration were submitted by students at our school. As a team, we felt it was important to connect with the community around us and hear how our chosen figures inspire young women.

For more details and to order, visit https://www.puzzlette.com/