Prepare your Business for Christmas

Prepare your Business for Christmas

It’s that time of year again! We are multi-tasking our day to day life, alongside extra events, shopping for the world and his wife, baking and cooking all the yummy food we will soon regret eating when our clothes no longer fit in January… but isn’t it wonderful!!

Anyone who knows me, will know that I am Mrs Claus! My decorations go up earlier each year, which consists of ALL the tat I can find, I have a constant supply of mince pies in my house throughout December (there are so many variations these days!) and quite frankly it’s a stress I actually enjoy!

With so much to take care of throughout this busy period though, it’s important to keep up momentum for the business you’ve worked so hard on all year.

Plan Your Dates

First thing's first, organise your important dates. When do your children break up from school? When do you have outings & events booked in? Once you've established this, determine your closure dates for Christmas. It could be that your work will stop, but you could still be contactable on some days.

Juggle The Variables

It's unlikely that 2 days will be the same over the next few weeks... what will affect your working day? Such as, kids and partner being at home, your suppliers closing dates, work out all the factors which will change the way in which you need to work. If you need to arrange childcare then get this booked in sooner rather than later! It may be that you need to be flexible with your work hours.

Client Communication

Keep your clients and followers informed of your plans of when you'll be less active or contactable over the festive period. You could send a simple email, create a newsletter or just a social media post (don't forget you can pin a post on Facebook so it remains at the top of your wall).

Preparing For Closure

Remember to set up the practicalities of your closure. Set your 'out of office' emails response, forward any calls and schedule any newsletters & social media posts to go out over Christmas. Although most businesses wind down through December, your customers will still be flicking through their social medias (even on Christmas Day!) so make sure you create and schedule your content in good time.

Need support for your Business?

A Virtual Assistant can take the pressure off your admin needs, leaving you free to focus on building your business or even taking a well deserved break!

I’d be happy to help with any of the above or other requirements you have, just contact us to arrange a free consultation call.