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Endo Matters by Michelle Brookes

Hi and welcome to Endo Matters, a podcast that helps women with endometriosis get in control of their condition, no longer letting it control them! I’ll be asking you the listeners what help you would like, and giving you tips, advice and information on how you can live a better life with endo. After all, endo does matter !!

Top episodes :

Breast Cancer Life with Yvette Sanderson

Endometriosis and Painful Sex with Guest Speaker Jemma Sawyer

The Menopause with fellow Ambassador, Jacqui Sechiari

Compassion before judgement by Jagdeep Hayre

Jagdeep has a strong belief that when we can release Judgement from any situation and bring Compassion into it, we can make a change and be the change! The meaning behind Jagdeep's name is 'Light of the Universe' and that is what she is here to do and empower you to shine your light and share it with the world!

Top episodes :

Jenn Hepton sharing with us what Conscious Parenting is not!

Tolerance vs. Patience with Vanessa Luu

Divorce Behaviours with Kenya Carr