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Women Empowering Women UK is a Community dedicated to Women across the United Kingdom, offering inspiration, support, guidance and a genuine sense of Community in a safe & friendly environment.

WEWUK is an official Community Interest Company, so all profits are donated to charities & causes supporting Women across the World.

Women Empowering Women UK is comprised of a large group of Members and Ambassadors who are passionate about helping and supporting other women.

Our team of Ambassadors are Women in Business who are here to assist, offer advice and knowledge in their specialist subjects to our members.

Alongside our Ambassadors, our online community features our members who are women of all ages, from all walks of life, who are seeking to be the best version of themselves possible, whilst being part of a supportive community.

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When Woman come together with a genuine sense of compassion and support, miraculous things happen!

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Are you a Woman living in the UK? Would you like to receive support, guidance and inspiration, as well as be a part of a friendly, safe and supportive community?

Then why not sign up to become a Member?

Sign up for a 30 day free trial to become a member of the most supportive group on the internet.

You’ll gain access to a bank of knowledge, advice and support from our Women Empowering Women Ambassadors, get involved with our forums, receive exclusive offers, as well as attend our online Events for free!

Membership is then £5 per month and by becoming a member, you too get to do something amazing – all of our profits are donated to Charities or causes that support Women less fortunate than ourselves.

You’ll also have access to articles written by our ambassadors, many of whom have experienced adversity in their lives, and are here to give something back. To offer help, guidance and support in their specialist field and to help you through every area of your life, whether that’s setting up your own business or landing a new job, to support in Motherhood or leading a more spiritual life.

Become an Ambassador

for Women Empowering Women

Are you a Woman in Business or a professional, specialising in an area that would support Women across the UK?

Are you looking to build your Client base as well as raise your profile?

Would you like to become a part of a strong, positive Community of Women where you’ll be offered guidance, support and opportunities to collaborate with others and grow?

Then why not consider becoming an Ambassador.

From as little as £20 per month, you will get access to so much support, with a free monthly Business Meeting, an Ambassador Only Virtual Community, where you can collaborate, create private groups, send messages, share information and support each other.

Women Empowering Women - Business Networking Group

You will also get tons of support in raising your profile, WEWUK will help to share details about you and what you offer, as well coach you out of your comfort zone and take your business/profession to the next level.
All of our profits are donated to Charities and good causes that support Women less fortunate than ourselves.

We work on a one profession policy, in order that WEWUK can offer a wide range of support, rather than duplicating information.
So, if you’d like to find out if your business/profession is available, just click on the link below and fill in a short form and we’ll be in touch.

Corporate Membership

for your staff

As a Corporate Member you will be able to support female members of your staff with confidence, whether that’s Parenting, Fertility Issues, Menstrual Health, including Menopause, Mental Health and Wellbeing. 

You will build a reputation as being a ‘Woman Friendly Employer’ as well as easing the burden of your management team who will be able to signpost female members of staff who maybe going through difficulties at every stage of their lives with confidence.

Sponsor a 'Sleep Safe Tonight' pack

We’ve created our ‘Sleep Safe Tonight’ care packs for Women seeking refuge from abusive relationsips & situations.

If plucking up the strength and courage to leave a toxic and sometimes dangerous relationship isn’t hard enough, women can then find themselves completely empty handed, as often they are fleeing a situation having had no time to plan or prepare for what lies before them.

View more details >>

Inspirational Stories

Do you have an inspirational story that you are happy to share in order to help others?

We will be featuring Women’s stories every month.

This can be in written form, as well as an opportunity to either use video or audio (we are guided by what feels right for you) we can change names in order to protect your identity if you wish.

Physical Products

If you have a physical product and would just like to advertise them on our site, we will have a page dedicated to this. We are looking for handmade, ethically sourced, eco-friendly, bespoke as well as anything specifically for Women and Children. 

The cost of this is just £5 per month, you will have links direct to your website and/or social media platforms. 


If you are a Blogger and looking to raise your profile, so long as it’s not for profit, we are happy to collaborate with you if your content is in line with supporting Women. Just get in touch to discuss.

Become a member

Sign up for a 30 day free trial to become a member of Women Empowering Women UK.

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Membership is then £5 per month and by becoming a member, you get to do something amazing – all of our profits are donated to Charities or causes that support Women less fortunate than ourselves.

To cancel your subscription just contact us with your subscription ID.

Once you have signed up be sure to check your junk or spam folder for your welcome email.

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