Meet The Founder

Nichola Hemming

Nichola Hemming has certainly had her share of difficulties throughout her life, which is what drives her to help and support others today.

Nichola suffered domestic abuse in her early years which became so bad, that she was forced into being homeless with her then 2 and 4 year old Daughters, carrying just a few bags of clothes with no place to go. She then met someone new and became pregnant with her 3rd Daughter and found out that her Mom was terminally ill with pancreatic cancer. Her mom was not only her best friend and her support, but also her Business Partner. Nichola had to keep everything running whilst pregnant and caring for her dying Mom. Her mom died just 6 weeks before her Daughter was born.

Against all odds.....

Meet the founder of Women Empowering Women

Nichola managed to pick herself back up, found a place to live (after 6 months) sold her Business and joined West Midlands Police in the hope of helping others whilst having the security that comes with the job. She loved it at first. She was well respected by her peers and although she’s only 5’ 2” she was always running into situations where Angels would fear to tread. However, after 6 years of her new relationship, she realised that although her Partner didn’t abuse her, he didn’t make her happy either. She decided that she couldn’t just settle for 2nd best and ended it.

This was when the troubles began in her job role as she could no longer do shift work and needed support with ‘Family Friendly’ hours. She was even spoken to by a female Chief Superintendent and asked if she could just take her partner back in order that he could support her with the kids and she could continue to work shifts…

Suddenly she was made to feel like a ‘burden’ to certain senior officers and her career prospects stagnated. That said, even as a single Mom with a full-time job (and a now part-time job selling diets products to make ends meet) Nichola studied to become a Sergeant. She passed both exams first time and hoped to further her career.

Her Inspector at the time had other ideas. She was told that she wasn’t committed enough as she didn’t support her Team by doing shifts and she couldn’t be considered for promotion if she only worked office hours. This went on for some time but she was then given a role of taking care of a town centre, so her office hours worked well with that of the shop opening hours. Just 6 weeks into her new job, Nichola went to the aid of a Woman screaming for help at a 3rd floor window of a flat, she called up on the radio to explain the situation but couldn’t leave the woman in danger, she ran up the stairs to be confronted by the offender, quickly followed by the lady who’s face was bleeding badly. Nichola attempted to arrest the man, although he was drunk and very unwilling, he started throwing punches at Nichola who was stood at the top of the stairs, they ended in a scuffle and Nichola being dragged by her stab vest down the flight of stairs. Her back would never be the same again. She went off sick and after 6 weeks, she was called by her Sergeant to be advised that the Inspector had given her role to someone else as she clearly wasn’t committed to her job by being off sick….


After 6 months of being off work and a back operation later, Nichola was given a role in Secondary Schools, where she took the opportunity to give talks in Assemblies about Healthy Relationships and Child Sexual Exploitation, topics she felt really passionate about.

The previous Inspector retired and she then got a new Inspector, a genuinely lovely lady that saw potential in Nichola who called her into her office to offer her a role as a temporary Sergeant with a view to finally getting a promotion. Nichola was over the moon and took the opportunity. However within a couple of months of frontline policing and wearing a stab vest and all the kit, Nichola’s back started to deteriorate. She was having to take annual leave to recover, as she didn’t want a poor attendance rate at work (not good for promotion) she soon ran out of holiday time and had to go back to see her specialist. He reluctantly agreed to do the procedure again. Unfortunately, it not only didn’t work but caused nerve damage. Nichola was left with constant sciatic pain and weakness in her leg.

After 17 years, she was no longer able to do her job and was advised that there was nothing more that the medical profession could do. In 2018, Nichola officially left the Police on medical grounds.

The process took 2 years

It was during this period that Nichola had to revise her future plans. She was already trained in Reiki, (her interest had stemmed from healing herself) and had used meditation, hypnotherapy and alternative therapies as a coping strategy with her daily pain.

She decided that she couldn’t just sit around, so decided to set up a Business in Alternative Therapy in order that she could help others and have a new purpose in life, she organised Mind-Body-Spirit Events to raise money for local Charities (mainly Womens Charities for Domestic Abuse) and converted her summer house into a therapy room, this is where The Soul Angels was born.

Shakra Shack - The Soul Angels

During this time

Nicholas Partner (now Husband) had retired from the Police and bought a Travel Franchise. Nichola offered to help in promoting the business by attending Business Networks. She soon realised how daunting these gatherings can feel and found some networks pretty intimidating with a sea of men in suits looking as you stand and speak for 60 seconds pitching your Business.
Nichola went in search of Women’s Networks but at the time couldn’t find anything local. She contacted WIBN (Women in Business Network) and as there was no groups in her area, she decided to set up groups of her own, allowing her to help her Husband’s business as well as supporting other Women to build theirs.
Almost 4 years on, Nichola had 4 groups in West Midlands but wanted to help to support as many Women as she could across the UK and beyond. 

Women Empowering Women is born

An online platform to support Women across the UK and beyond. We want to support you wherever you are in life & help to make your future be the best that it can be. Women coming together can making amazing things happen!

Not only supporting Women in Business but creating a platform to support Women in all aspects of their lives, no matter what. By sharing knowledge, experience as well as support, it is Nichola’s ambition to create a community of Women to inspire each other and to create the greatest versions of themselves possible. To feel a part of something totally inclusive, no matter where you’ve come from, whatever your circumstances, Women should never feel helpless or alone. A virtual Family offering comfort and a belief that we can change the course of our lives whenever we feel ready to take a leap of faith, safe in the knowledge that together we have your back!
As the Community grows, Nichola wants to continue supporting Women less fortunate and raise funds to help them on their journey, which is why she has chosen to give all profits to charities/projects that support Women.