Learning to Love Yourself when you have Endometriosis

Loving Yourself When you Have Endometriosis

Everyone deserves to look at themselves and love what they see.
When you have a condition such as endometriosis, it can often feel very hard, and us sufferers are often very hard on ourselves. 
It’s so easy to start hating how you look, how you feel and want to hide away from the world.
I have been really guilty of in the past saying ‘I hate myself’ and actually meaning it. It’s pure frustration due to the pain, the bloating and never feeling nice about the way you look, because your tummy is so swollen and the draining fatigue that drags you down. 
Once I started to find ways of helping myself, I came across this following technique, that I now teach to others.
For years whenever I was going out somewhere, it would take me ages to get ready, not because I am high maintenance, but because everything I would put on I would hate how I looked in. I would think, tummy looked fat, bum, stood out too much, boobs looked crap etc.
Now instead of being late for everything and having to do my make up twice because I’d cried all the first application down my face. I use this technique.
  • put on the first outfit I decided to wear that day/night
  • I stare into a mirror and don’t move until I can say at least 1 thing to compliment myself in my own head.
  • If I can, I say more than one thing.
  • then I repeat those positive things over and over until I truly believe I love what I see.
  • I am then ready to go out, with head held high, make up in tact and have a good day/night !!