Knowing How and What to Track With Your Cycle

Tracking Your Cycle

The best way to track your cycle is by getting a good app on your phone (clue, Balance or Flo) or have a good old fashioned diary.
If you are still having a bleed then note down your 1st day of your period each month.
If you have an app, it should tell you then when you are ovulating, due on your period and from noting symptoms, when PMS is due etc.
It is also a great idea to keep a journal where you note down other things such as:
– if you are having issues such as bloating around the time of the month, you may start to see patterns of what you have been eating and start to see what types of food could be the culprit. 
– note down times you eat also as it could be that your eating patterns are not doing your tummy any favours either.
– many women complain of mood swings, if you note down when this change starts, you can again, start to see patterns and know exactly when you may need to up that self care.
– this correlates with the food diary too. If you are experiencing a difference in bowels movements around the time of the month then it could be that you need to alter what you eat around that time to ensure regular ‘normal’ bowel function. (I recommend a good prebiotic to keep the gut healthy and bowels regular) 
– sleep can be disrupted with the cycle, especially if you live with a condition such as endometriosis. Sadly if you live with pain then there will be times that the pain will wake you up. Knowing when your cycle is due however, will help you to ensure you are getting vital rest in the lead up to the time of the month. get early nights and prepare the body for that disruption. 

There are so many things you can track, an app does give you the option to really track lots of different things that you may never thought of as part of your cycle. However most do not track food and do not allow space for notes, so I would highly recommend a journal. 

Know the symptoms that bother you the most when it comes to your period and really religiously track anything related and see what you can do to help those symptoms. 

We can do so much to help ourselves if we are prepared and understand our body’s natural cycle. Give it a go and see what a difference it can make.