Keeping cool in crisis-mode

As a mother where do we seek comfort when we see our children in emotional and physical discomfort?

As a mother, when I see my children in a situation which makes them feel discomfort or out-of-sorts with their emotions, I find that the most important thing for me to do is be the calm and hold the space that they need.

It can be a natural reaction to want to save them, or fix the situation, however what that does is take away from the learning opportunity for them to grow and gain the life experience that will support them to navigate their emotions in the future.

When we can be that safe, calm space for them to express the big emotions, it also builds that connection with us, as they know that they can come to us and we will be the container where there is no judgment or criticism about how they feel and how they express it.

The most important thing however, is to make sure that WE are in that place ourselves. If we get pulled into their emotions and get caught up in their story, we find ourselves living it with them and we can cause them to shut down; as now we are sharing what we think and feel rather than allowing them to think and feel what they want, also something to think about is that we may also be pouring our own insecurities and beliefs onto them!

Things to do for our Mental Health in times that feel like ‘crisis-mode’.

  • Go outside and feel your root chakra (tailbone) shoot into the earth beneath you to ground yourself. Deep breathes into your root can bring you back to feeling grounded. (Imagine a tree trunk fully grounded in the earth, also add a ball of red light into that area).
  • Go into the bathroom, take deep breathes and then look into the mirror, right into your eyes (this is very powerful and emotional). You may look into your eyes and see the little child in you who feels scared, helpless, frustrated and exhausted. Allow the tears to flow as you release the emotions. If you start to do this practice regularly, you will feel the shift in yourself and feel empowered when you acknowledge the child within you, who feels heard and acknowledged rather than rejected and ignored.
  • Use essential oils in the diffuser. One of my top favs right now is lavender and citrus together.
  • Call on higher guidance to surround you with white light and guide you (I find this very powerful
    and feel an instant calm when I do this).