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Join Us

The female business network with a heart

As a Community Interest Company, we are a not-for-profit organisation. This means, any profits we make from membership fees, events etc will be invested back into charities & projects supporting Women across the UK!

There are lots of ways you can get involved with our mission!

Become an Ambassador

Are you a Woman in Business looking to raise your profile and grow your business? Are you passionate about supporting Women across the UK?


Are you looking to build your Client base as well as raise your profile? Would you like to become a part of a strong, positive Community of Women where you’ll be offered guidance, support and opportunities to collaborate with others and grow?

Corporate Membership

Supporting Women in the Workplace

As a Corporate Member you will be able to support female members of your staff with confidence, whether that’s Parenting, Fertility Issues, Menstrual Health, including Menopause, Mental Health and Wellbeing. 

You will build a reputation as being a ‘Woman Friendly Employer’ as well as easing the burden of your management team who will be able to signpost female members of staff who may be going through difficulties at every stage of their lives with confidence.

Sell your items on our online Shop

List your products in our online shop with direct links to your own platform for customers to purchase direct from you. Listings start from £5 a month and you keep 100% of sales! Drop us an email detailing the items you stock, with your contact details, to apply.

Sponsor a 'Sleep Safe Tonight' Refuge Pack

We create and supply care packs to various women’s refuges. Women often turn up to these safe spaces completely empty handed as they can be fleeing extremely dangerous circustances. These packs provide some home comforts, taking one extra stress off their shoulders and helping to make them feel looked after in their hour of need.

Make a Donation

As an official Community Interest Company, we are a not-for-profit organisation and rely on vital funds to be able to make our contributions to womanhood. Any fees that we take are all donated towards women’s charities and good cause projects.