How to Work Track Your Cycle If You Don’t Bleed

How to Work Around Your Cycle if you no Longer Have a Bleed

In the work that I do I always talk to women about using their cycle to the best advantage. Working around it to make the most of energy shifts during the month.
No woman has the same amount of energy at all times of the month, therefore, it is important to listen to the body and use it to its best advantage.
In my experience with the women I work with, the week leading up to the period is when energy drops and you perhaps need to rest a little more. Reduce intensity of exercise and follow more of an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan to help reduce bloating and add in a few more calories to help improve your energy. 
During the period it depends on how you feel personally. Some women find they feel a sense of release when the bleed starts, so have tonnes of energy. Others find that they are wiped out so need to rest even more.
 After the period has passed is generally when the energy increases and you can up your intensity of exercise, that glass of wine will pass better and you can generally start to feel ‘full of beans!!’
This is made easier when you have a bleed, due to the fact that you have a clear indicator of where your cycle is at.
If for any reason you don’t bleed (menopause, birth control, medical reasons etc) you still have a cycle you just need to look out for other indicators:
  • mood changes
  • bloating
  • food cravings 
  • low energy
  • sore boobs
If you make a note of when any of these things are happening over the course of 3 consecutive months, you should start to see a pattern.
You can then note down where the bleed would have been and work around your cycle from there.