Flow with the Full Moon energy!

Flow with the Full Moon energy!

So what does a full moon actually mean? Well for many of us, it brings out the ‘crazy’, it causes, anger, frustration, we get clumsy or befuddled and can’t think straight, it’s even known for electrical things to start to play up. The good news is, you’re not going crazy and this is a great time to clear out your mental clutter, assess our lives over the past month and consider what we’d like more of in our lives.

So tonight is a great excuse to go easy on yourself, a time for pampering, contemplation, meditation and releasing all the crazy shit that this year has brought. Just do whatever feels right for you, there’s no right or wrong way to ‘let it go’ but here’s a few examples to give you an idea….

You may want to start with a nice relaxing bath with either epsom salts or sea salt (himalayan is full of amazing healing properties). Salt is believed to absorb negativity from the body, so it’s great for a full moon ritual. Once you’ve run your bath and got the temperature right, add yourself a few drops of your favourite essential oil and spend some time just considering the past month and beyond, what were your highlights, what didn’t go so well and what you’d like to bring more of over the next month. You may want to listen to some relaxing music or maybe meditate whilst you lie there with incense and/or lit candles, whatever brings you extra comfort and helps you to relax. Just give yourself enough time to clear your thoughts and be in the present moment.

Once you’ve had some time to think, make a list all of the things that have got you down, anything that you’re still yet to let go of (yes even that shitty relationship, job or bad habit) even if you feel that it’s out of your control at the moment. By doing so, you’re letting the Universe know and setting your intentions that you’re ready to release, and they can then start conspiring to help it along the way in the future!

So don’t worry about the ‘how’ for now, trust that the Universe will conspire with you once you set your intentions to ‘let it go’. The best way to do this is with a good old fashioned fire….. If possible, go outside and set fire to the sheet of paper and watch it burn up into the sky – literally – it’s so liberating. You may also want to say a little prayer or chant for good measure. Just give thanks to the Universe for their assistance in helping you by clearing the path for you to move forward in your life. The key is to show gratitude like it’s already happened, that your prayers have been answered. If you can’t go outside, either burn it in the sink, flush it down the loo or just rip it up, whatever you do, just set your intention of letting it go!

Next you need to think about what it is that you want to manifest into your life. The full moon is a perfect and powerful time to request positive things, circumstances, or situations into your life, You can write them down or create a dream board, whatever helps to visualise and make it feel real. You could even share your dreams with a loved one or close friend. When you say it out loud, it gives it even more power, so if you’re alone, read it out loud and as always, give thanks as though it has already happened. Then close your eyes and really build emotion behind your intentions. Think about how it would really feel to have all of those things on the list, spend time building positive emotion and just be in the ‘future you’ moment for as long as possible. This is where the real magic happens. The more you can feel like it’s already happened, the more your vibration will match where you want to be and the law of attraction steps in to conspire with you….

It’s been a crazy few months, but now you’ve let go emotionally of the crap and set your intentions for the future, it’s time to relax, safe in the knowledge that the Universe has heard your prayers and that even while you sleep, the Universe, Angels and Ancestors will all be working to bring about all that you ever dreamed of and more.

Sweet dreams dear ones. Feel free to share your positive intentions with us – what is it that you’ll be manifesting this magical full moon…..? xxx