Do I need a business email address?


Do I need a business email address?

Over the last few years, email has really found it’s place in our everyday lives.

A recent survey showed that 78% of UK consumers trust a business email more if it comes from a company-branded email address.
Email has become essential for most businesses and when they don’t work or have constant issues it can be detrimental.
If you’re looking at getting a business email address fist of all you’ll need a domain name.
If you don’t have one yet take a look here to find out all about them.

Free options such as and are also available, but using a free email address detracts from the value you’re probably fighting hard to offer your customers.

On a subconscious level most of us are guilty of this. Imagine you were booking a holiday with a local travel agent. Which email address would make you feel more confident about handing over your hard earned cash: or


Consistent Branding

To help tie your emails into your brand you can create email addresses using your domain name.

Let’s go back to Sally, she has decided to register the domain name and decides to register the email address to help tie her emails into her company brand.

Have as many as you want!

Even though you might alone for yourself, that doesn’t mean you cant utilise multiple email addresses.

As well as making your company appear larger, email addresses like info@ and accounts@ can also help you organise incoming queries. And, should you ever employ somebody in the future to fill that role, just assign that email address to them and they already have everything they need!



The year the first email system was developed

4.04 Billion

The approximate number of people that use email in 2020


The average number of emails that get caught in spam filters

2.9 Million

The number of emails sent, worldwide, per second


of professionals name email as their favourite method of communication


If you’re looking to get business emails set up but don’t kwow where to start feel free to drop me an email: