Spiritual Books

11:11 Oracle Book


Do you keep seeing the same numbers over and over, yet you’re not sure what the Universe is trying to tell you? Look no further, the gorgeous Alana Fairchild has dedicated an entire book to guide you to the answers!

Numerology Made Easy


Discover what your date of birth and your name say about your life purpose, and how they can help you make informed decisions for your life.

The Magical Home


Discover spells and rituals to bring peace and harmony into every room. Inspired ideas and simple spells for an Enchanted Life!

Healing Crystals for Women


Each new milestone in life brings its own challenges – and crystals can offer a helping hand to see you through. Each crystal carries its own energy, which can be used to re-balance your emotions and soothe body, mind and spirit. 

Letters to a Starseed


Author – Rebecca Campbell offers readers an illuminating guide to understanding their soul and discovering why it chose to incarnate at the moment it did.

Tap into the cosmic nature of your soul, discover your purpose and commit to being here on Earth with author of The Starseed Oracle , Rebecca Campbell.

What's Your Soul Sign?


Are you ready to discover who you really are on a soul level, and who you were born to be?

The magic of astrology flows through every aspect of our lives – from our work and relationships to our inner power and creative inspiration – leaving signposts, messages and guidance to assist us on our soul journey. In this book, Debbie Frank reveals her secrets for turning the insights from your birth chart into incredible triggers for personal growth.

Shamanism Made Easy


Shamanism is an ancient tradition, found in all regions of the world, in which we connect with spirit energies and work with them to guard the well being of our community and its people. Shamans are intermediaries between worlds and are usually ‘called by spirit’ to embark on this life-changing path.

Be Your Own Moon Astrologer


This book is perfect for anyone interested in working with Moon Energy or Moonology. Heather Roan Robbins is a writer, ceremonialist, and astrologer brings high-quality intuitive arts to the World in an easy and useful format.