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There are some amazing books out there that offer guidance, healing, inspiration and support. We thought it would be a great idea to provide a platform to share them – our very own Book Club.

Each month we will share details of a book that you can read along with an interactive section to share your experiences, your favourite bits and what you’ve learnt.

If you have already read a life changing book that you would like to share, please feel free to drop us an email or add it in the comments and we may feature it in future months.

This Months Book

Remarkable People: Extraordinary Stories of Everyday Lives

By Dan Walker


In Remarkable People, Dan Walker, the host of BBC1’s Breakfast, recounts inspiring stories of the courage and selflessness of people he has met throughout his career. An uplifting tonic for the darkness and negativity of recent times.

We live in an age of anxiety, besieged by bad news and uncertainty. But Dan Walker, the host of BBC1’s Breakfast and Football Focus, is determined to shine a light onto stories of selflessness and compassion that seldom make the headlines.

In the course of his professional life, Dan has encountered many inspiring stories of bravery and kindness. In Remarkable People, he recounts tales of incredible humanity, empathy, compassion, and a steely determination to transform lives, restore trust, renew hope.

Remarkable People is the perfect book for these challenging times; an escape from the negativity of our everyday news cycle, and a tribute to courage and positivity.


Dan Walker was born in Crawley in West Sussex in 1977. He is a TV broadcaster and anchor of BBC1’s Breakfast. He also hosts BBC1’s award-winning Football Focus and regularly presents Match of the Day. Dan’s previous books are Dan Walker’s Thronkersaurus: Football’s Finest Tales and Magic, Mud & Maradona. He lives in Sheffield with his wife, three children and Winnie the dog.

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