Be Body Confident

To always be body confident

This August I did something that has not been heard of.. I put an ad on Kent online and put my body art out into the world for others to see. It was the first be Body Confident show in Kent and went live on the 6th August 2021. Women  and Men came from all over the UK to take part and to show the world who they are. They agreed to be painted and celebrated.  This was the end result. 

For 6 months my campaign has been running, in order to help reach as many as people as possible.. To show everyone that we are all different, we are all  shapes an sizes, that we all have a part of our body that we do not like.. it can get us down and we always have a war against ourselves. We all stood tall and got painted for the ball.. to be you is always best of all and to go out there and be who you want to be not caring what others think. 

We are who we are and we are all special in our own ways. I am an artist who loves to express herself through art and it has helped me so many in such a small amount of time.. This is to show you what we can all do to help others. It does not always have to be something big it can be small, which can make the biggest impact.

Welcome to the Be Body Confident Campaign for women and men, boys and girls we should show who we are and always look at life in a bright and colourful way.