Art Therapy – Connection pack.

Art Therapy - Connection pack

Bringing children and carers together

This pack has been created, for me to give back to the care system I was in care from the age of 14 up until 19 and even for me I found it hard let alone every child will experience their day leaving home differently.
For children and teenagers just because you have troubles and find it hard to express them, we can be known a troubled person, this can come out in many ways good and bad. But the pack that I have created will help a child express themselves, for the carer to understand how that child is feeling even away they don’t have to talk.
This pack has different elements to it, there is fun, there is creating and to just allow kids to be themselves without them worrying they are being judged. I feel every child deserves to be loved and cared for, to feel a part of some sort of family unit they have to learn from someone even if they don’t have parents that should care.

What the pack includes

Connection pack, bringing children and carers together,
  • A choice of 4 books, B’s magical adventure a story about mystical creatures and following the magic, the adventures of B! Girls can draw too, teaching children about the importance of nature and seeing what nature can do for a child, learning about the great outdoors. The kids can draw too art book, and a version for older girls which is girls can draw too, this can help children to express their emotions, but making it in a way that they can just be themselves without judgement from others.
  • Activity sheets, 7 in total but not seen feel me up emotion jar, picks a colour and face now draw it, treasure map, nature trail, and free drawing. These sheets help children express how they are feeling but also using art and adventure at the same time.
  • Emotion cards, a pack of 20 cards 8 with emoji faces and colours on the back they are all double sided, colour matches to teach children the use of mixing colours, and art activity cards with instructions on the back how to make them.
  • Then you have toys that help the mind, and to get frustration out that’s what the puzzles are for, arts and crafts surprise bag a mixture of craft supplies, crayons and stickers.
  • Last it the chartered bag for boys and girls, so that the book/story can be carried around with them on the go, weather outdoors or a new home. The pieces can all be kept together and can give a sense of security for the child, something that can help them express who they really are.
Take a look at my website to find out more and see the other packs available.