Are you going out to a social event post lockdown…?

Can you picture yourself, as you head out to meet friends you haven’t seen in a long time? You want to look your best naturally, so what will you do?

Looking at the thought process, it might go something like this ….

“Should I buy something new to wear?  Long, floral print dresses are “in” and one of those would hide the couple of pounds I’ve gained around my middle during lockdown.”

“I’ll just have a browse online. I don’t want to spend much as I’m hoping to shift that extra weight as soon as possible.”

“YES – I’ll buy a cheap and cheerful dress just to make me feel better!”

If you recognise the above, in any way, then you are amongst the millions of us who behave in this way, and this is how the retailers and their marketing draw you in to spend money with them regularly.

So, before you do, please just have a read below and consider.

  • There is nothing wrong with buying something new BUT go for quality over quantity. Something that will last.
  • If the price tag of a quality item is out of your range right now, consider the less expensive option carefully i.e. would you be able to get it shortened/taken in if you did lose those extra pounds or it was no longer on trend.
  • Or do you already have something in your wardrobe that you could get altered now to avoid buying “another” new item of clothing.
  • Do you already have something, you love it, but you’ve worn it many times previously? In which case, maybe think about accessorizing it differently. Or maybe wear your hair differently – takes the focus off the outfit.
  • Are any of your local charity shops advertising online? For example my local branch of “The Samaritans” have a great Instagram post every evening – where they put photos, make, size and price of items for sale ? Check it out for your local branch….

Those are just a few suggestions to consider. If you do have something you would like to upcycle in your wardrobe, then I am available for a chat to consider best options – Thank you x