About Me

I'm passionate about collaboration and helping others to rise. I'm an advocate and I like nothing more than championing others.
I have tried and failed many times to become self-employed over the last 9 years. I have many reasons why I wanted to become self-employed, why sometimes it felt like it was the only way. The more I tried and failed, the more I learned about myself, running a business and the tech setup side of all the things that need doing. Every time social media also had moved on and evolved.
Reasons that pulled me.

After 10+ years in a corporate I.T support role that was losing its charm and was giving me nothing but anxiety, depression and leaving me crying on my way to and from work.
2 years trying to find out why I was experiencing pain, sometimes not being able to drive, cope with noises or even being gently touched on the arm by my son and husband.
Finding out I had something they called Fibromyalgia and learning that it wasn't understood or believed by many doctors, no cure, and no idea what my future might look like.
Having a breakdown 4 months after being diagnosed with Fibro in Jan 2010.
Finally falling pregnant to my 2nd child in 2012 and not wanting to leave her to go back to work.
More anxiety, depression, being lost in the NHS mental health system 4 times, and finally, being treated for Bi-Polar.

I have...

Set up an eCommerce store (organic baby clothes, gifts, and handmade nursery art)
Sold at a market whilst 8 months pregnant
Took my baby with me strapped to my front in a wrap, whilst I tried to network and sell at pop-up school events and stalls.
Wasted a look of my maternity leave trying to earn a new living rather than enjoying the time with my daughter.
Decided I could sell weightless shakes with Body By Vi (wtf).
Left my corporate job after 14 years to work part-time at Tesco's so I could be with my daughter in the last year before she started school
Tried setting up as a virtual assistant, hated physical networking (too introverted and anxiety attacks)
Tried 2 part-time jobs in call centres. HATED THEM
Found a wonderful part-time job working for a co-operative company but was made redundant after 6 months.
Setup again as a virtual assistant 2 years later in 2019
Tried to help my daughters' primary school by becoming an Usborne Independent Book Seller (wasted a lot of my own money)
2020 - Trained in Pinterest, learned how to use it as a business marketing tool, and started working with clients in Oct.
2021 - Trained as a Podcast Manager and fully transitioned away from VA work to just be known for Pinterest and Podcasting Services and Management.

So lots of ups and downs, twists and turns. Life happens for a reason I believe, and I do not think I would be the person I am today if it were not for my past experiences.

If I can be of help in any way please reach out.

What I Offer

I can help you get visible with Podcasting. Host your own show or just be a podcast guest.

As a Podcast Manager, I can help with many things and they can be separate or combined.

Editing episodes
Launching podcasts
Pulling audio clips for audiograms and social media posts
Guest management for your podcast
Guest pitching you to be on podcasts
Day to day admin & marketing of your podcast

Pinterest - I can help you to learn how to use it for your own business, I can manage your account for you, I can audit your account, tidy it up, or just set you up and hand it over to you. I can also offer pin creation and keyword research.



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