About Me

What happened in my life for me to end up here?

That's the question I woke up asking myself one morning when I was coming to the realisation that the virus I was suffering from was a result of burnout, caused by:

Significant life events
Me not enjoying my job but trying to 'fit' myself in!
AND me learning very early on that other peoples feelings were more important than my own... so I learnt to tune mine out.

The real wake-up came for me shortly after, when my mum passed away from dementia aged just 72! STOP! That only gave me potentially another 34 years on this planet!

What was I doing?

Why was I wasting my time & energy doing something which I was not passionate about?

Sound familiar? Well that was the start of re-taking control of my life.

I left my well-paid, secure leadership role; (which I had been finding every excuse under the sun to justify staying in).
I got clear about what was important to me & started on my formal coaching journey.
I started to see my strengths, which I had previously seen as 'weaknesses', in a new light.
AND I finally recognised that my life story, however tough, was actually not unusual.. it's life & it made me who I am today.


Only in turning these corners could I start to create the impact I wanted to have in the world.

I have gone from being a leader who coached to coach who leads. I am an ICF qualified coach and I share my thinking by writing as an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine. I was recently awarded the CREA Global Award by Brainz Magazine, in recognition for my creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, or for their contributions to sustainability and mental health projects.

What I Offer

I help Female Leaders in Tech stop second-guessing their self-worth and step in, step up, or STEP OUT in 90 days, using the Unique-U empowerment program.
This brings together my three core values of technology, sustainability & connecting & supporting other people!

Is to create a world where everyone can stand up & engage in discussion about what matters most! To take off their invisibility cloaks - share courageously about what they think & feel; then be open to listening to other perspectives & being challenged.

I believe that cognitive diversity is needed to drive innovative solutions to create a more sustainable future for life on earth. I believe that we have all the technology around us or are able to develop the technology we need and now it is about enabling courageous conversations about what matter most at home, in the workplace and in politics! This is where I believe us women have a crucial role to play!

I believe that we are all unique for a reason and we should challenge ourselves to step proudly into our uniqueness, our own SUPERPOWER!

Is to maximize the positive impact my clients are having by becoming more like themselves, by courageously showing up in each area of their lives & by asking boldly for what they want.

One of my clients took the courage to step out of a company where she felt unappreciated after 18 years. She had an exciting new job lined up to start after allowing herself to take the summer off!
Another client got a promotion when she started using the techniques she learned & asked boldly for what she wanted.
Another client re-designed her relationship with her boss & used her strengths to create new opportunities for her & her team.