About Me

Hi everyone! 😊

I'm Becky and i have been crocheting since 2014/15. Crocheting had always been an enjoyable hobby that i did alongside a full time office job and raising my son.

Then in 2017/18 a lot in my life had changed, i was expecting a little lady and about to start maternity leave, moving home and after a really rough few years for my son who was 5 at the time we were about to venture into the world of home education and coming closer to him having a diagnosis of autism and PDA. My life had gotten pretty hectic in the realm of the unknown, and then my daughter was born and we started a brand new journey, our Clubfeet/Talipes journey.

It's safe to say that crocheting had taken a backstep and between hospital appointments and home education, life was pretty busy for the next few years!

Fast forward to the beginning of lockdown, and when sorting through some of my things i found some yarn and decided i was going to pick back up my hook! Although lockdown has brought a lot of hard times for people it has given me an element of peace and time for me to fight against the boredom of being stuck indoors at home. I ordered some new hooks and yarn and started challenging myself to do some more complex stitch work and just fell in love with crochet again!

As my confidence grew, i started showing my work to people that i know and got really positive responses back! Then decided to put myself out there and see what happens and SO Hooked On These Threads was born!

I ventured into different types of yarn but when i found rope i was hooked, excuse the pun! I love making rope bags, they're so sturdy and satisfying to watch grow! I've also found my confidence has grown in leaps and bounds with the challenges that come with commission work, trying to create the perfect product to anothers vision. Currently I'm working on a granny square cardigan, with a matching bag, alongside fulfilling other orders as they come in. It's definitely a challenging balancing act, but as the saying goes nothing worth having comes easy! My aim over the next few years is to continue building a business with integrity, this to me means aiming to help and support others around me with any advice I can give and watching our small businesses flourish together!

After being pointed in the direction of WEW by a friend of mine and reading about other ambassadors and their stories i was really inspired. I decided to put myself forward for a chance to be part of this family, I spoke to Nichola about what the aims are of WEW and also had a great chat about my journey so far and happily came to the conclusion that what WEW stands for is exactly what I was looking for!

What I Offer

My business is SO Hooked On These Threads, and I am an advanced Crocheter, who dabbles into the art of Macrame! I am a small one woman business, taking on commissions and creating bespoke products tailored to whatever is requested.

I am really passionate about my products and definetely a perfectionist! I pride myself in trying to create, to the best of my abilities, exactly to my customers vision. I am providing a service that is based on integrity and product satisfaction, so no amount of information is too much!

I love taking on new commisions as it broadens my knowledge and gives me a chance to explore projects i may not of looked into before. At present I am working on a commission for a bespoke granny square cardigan and matching bag. My customer explained the colour palletes and design she was looking for, alongside the length and shape. I have kept her in each part of the process of the making of this and I am completely open to constructive criticisms and honesty so as previously mentioned I can provide the best possible service. Even with some of my smaller products such as my Macrame angels, my customers let me know exactly what colours they are looking for and can personalise messages alongside the product.

SO Hooked On These Threads is open to anyone that has any requests or ideas they would like put into action and I always welcome a challenge, so never think twice about a request!