About Me

Having been through many trials and tribulations of my own, I started out in search of ways to overcome stress & anxiety (being a full-time Police Officer bringing up 3 young children on my own) I experienced a Reiki session and that was when my Spiritual journey began. I trained in Reiki (to Master Teacher Level) practiced meditation, trained in Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness & began reading books that could help me overcome my past and allow me to be the best version of myself possible. I would organise Spiritual Events for Charity in my local area and got to meet some amazing Clairvoyants, Therapists, Shamans & Healers along the way.

Having been assaulted on duty and sustaining a back injury, my Policing career was over, so I decided to take my spiritual path in a new direction and this is where The Soul Angels went from a dream to a reality.

I love nothing more than to witness the transformation of my Clients. Many have suffered abuse, mental health issues, stress, anxiety and grief, yet after a few sessions of Therapy, their whole persona changes, they get to clear the past and have the strength to start living again. I feel honoured to be a part of this process.

I am so passionate about Women, having suffered domestic abuse, homelessness with 2 young children and then witnessing so much injustice during my 17 years as a Police Officer that I chose to specialise in the development of mainly Women in my business (95% of my Clients are Women)

I am also the Founder of WEWUK, which has come about as I wanted to help as many Women as possible.

What I Offer

The Soul Angels is a place to come to help you along your Spiritual Path in life, whether you’re just starting out and are wanting to buy a few crystals from our online shop to Spiritual Development Classes, Alternative Therapies & Meditation.
The World in which we live in is changing rapidly and so are we as people. We are coming to the realisation that this fast paced, egotistical & materialistic world that we have created, no longer feeds our souls. That love, passion and fulfilment in our lives is the only way to find true happiness and in order to find that, we need to start from within.

The Soul Angels strive to give you the tools you need in order to heal, explore new ways and possibilities, as well as supporting you in realising your full potential and life’s purpose.
We guide and support you in finding inner peace and the ability to overcome whatever life has thrown at you.

“Like an Angel on Your shoulder, we’re with You every step of the way”