About Me

As I mentioned I’m Shell, 46, wife to the lovely Stu, who loves nothing more than a good project. We live in Cheadle Hulme, Manchester in a house we built ourselves with our own bare hands (I told you he likes a project!!)
I was born in Leeds but have lived in quite a lot of places, my favourite being Bordeaux, France.
From an early age, I was very passionate about dancing and dreamt of becoming the next Bonnie Langford!!!
I have a degree in dance and pursued it as a career for a while but with a lot of personal issues surrounding low self-worth, the rejection from failed auditions was not helping with my mental health.
To pay the bills I fell into retail management, which is where I stayed for about 15 years.
Knowing I wasn’t living out my passion, an opportunity arose to get out of the retail profession and I began a course in counselling (wanting to go into helping girls with anorexia), but I had too many demons from past trauma and it was bringing up too much, so I decided I had more work to do on myself before I could go down that route.
My next opportunity is what shaped me for where I am today. I fell into a job at a local gym as a trainee (at 34!!) I took various qualifications and ended up becoming a PT!
This is where my career started, and I found what I feel I was destined to do. As mentioned in about my business it is here whilst doing courses that I became interested in women’s health and moreover, finding ways to help women with endometriosis.
I have overcome a lot of personal battles, my mum dying suddenly when I was 14, getting raped by my boyfriend at 16 and a battle with anorexia and bulimia for over 20 years. Whilst these were horrific moments in my life and experiences that have taken a lot of self-care and personal development to repair. I feel that by living these experiences as well as dealing with my endometriosis, it has put me in a position to be able to reach out and help others who may be experiencing similar things. I feel I am in a strong position to be an example to other women, hopefully inspiring them and helping them to believe that no matter what you have been through or going through, you can come out the other side smiling !
As well as work I also still love dancing as a hobby, walking as I love the outdoors and nature, my happy place is a walk by the sea (although we don’t have many oceans in Manchester!!) I love music, singing (though I am tone deaf) and reading. I love people and love nothing more than to be surrounded by my favourite people, I also love animals, especially cats and dogs. but currently am petless so will have to talk my hubby round!

I have become an ambassador because I believe that when women come together in a positive way then lots of magic happens. If we can lift each other up, support each other and help through our areas of expertise then we will all be able to benefit from each other in such a beautiful way. I hope that by offering my expertise I’ll be able to reach out and help many.

What I Offer

Hi, I’m Michelle, more commonly known as Shell (Michelle feels like I’m being told off by my mum!!)
I am the proud business owner of Desired Physique, a company that helps women with endometriosis to live a happier, healthier life, enabling them to control it, not it controlling them.

My passion for this area of work grew out of my own experience with the condition. Relentless years of excruciating pain, causing me sleepless nights, zero energy and bloating so horrific I would often get asked if I was pregnant. Fainting, vomiting and inability to walk due the intensity of pain and sheer exhaustion.

I saw many doctors and not one could really give me any answers, I was told I had a low pain thresh hold, it was all in my head and given various pain killers and advised to get a hot water bottle! I often felt I was going crazy and felt so frustrated and alone in my suffering.

Eventually after about 20 years I finally got a diagnosis of endometriosis, which was a relief but also another frustration. I had two operations to remove the endo but after a few months, each time it was back again, and my symptoms were back to their original state.

With no other options offered or any other solutions, I decided to take matters into my own hands and start to compile my own research and find ways to help myself.

As a Level 3 qualified PT and Nutrition coach I already had a broad knowledge of how to exercise and eat for optimal health, but after taking an in depth nutrition qualification, I started to really delve deeper and decipher what it is ladies with endo need for optimal health.

The result came in the form of a 3-tier approach (explained in the services section of my website www.desiredphysique.co.uk) concentration on nutrition, exercise and stress management working in synergy with the cycle and placing the correct dietary amendments, intensity of exercise and self-care at valuable times in the month.

I have worked with this niche for the last 3 years (PT for over 10) and I have taken a lot of pleasure, seeing the ladies I work with reduce their symptoms and feel more free of this condition that often makes us feel trapped and alone, with no where to turn.

My target audience is predominantly women who suffer with endometriosis as it is my passion to offer help to sufferers and make a difference. However as many of the symptoms of the condition transfer to other women, I guess I can reach a wider audience. My methods help with:
- Bloating
- Low energy
- Low/erratic mood
- Poor sleep
- Painful periods
- Painful sex
- Stress
- Poor digestion
Personally, I have found a massive turn around in my condition, so long as I stick to the plan (I’m not a saint so I do faulter occasionally!!) I rarely have intense pain, I’m no longer bloated, I’m never asked if I’m pregnant and my energy and mental clarity is off the scale.
I have loved every single one of the ladies I have worked with as they have all taken away such positive things from my programme and gone on to live a much better lives as a result. I think the proudest moment though was when a girl who had been on my 12 week plan announced she was pregnant, after trying for so long and not thinking she could ever conceive.