About Me

I started my business, Asset Business Consultancy.  It focuses on helping start ups to learn how to set their business up for success by teaching them to increase attract clients and generate income in their business.

I doubted myself a lot when I started my business, compared my progress to others, and stopped myself from taking advantage of opportunities that would help me to grow because I was scared. But I was determined to succeed, because failure was not an option. So, after a few false starts, I took the time to build my foundation and get clear on the transformation my work provided, who my ideal client was and how I could connect with them.

That led me to speaking at summits, appearing on podcasts, having my first article published and attracting clients and partnerships.

Some fun facts about me, I’m a huge foodie, I mean really. My favourite foods include jerk chicken, lobster, cheeseburgers and crispy fries (yes I know it’s unhealthy) I also love reading, mostly thrillers and business books. I still watch Columbo and Murder She wrote. I love a good mystery.


What I Offer

I’m a business startup coach, the host of the Female Startup podcast, the author of Discover 22 of the Biggest Mistakes Most New Business Owners Make: and learn what you can do to avoid them, and a public speaker.

I help new female business owners who are feeling confused and frustrated about the progress that they’re making in their business, create a roadmap that helps to guide them through their business so they know the steps to increase their visibility so more people know about their business, and attract clients so they can create an income and impact with their work

I work with new service based female entrepreneurs such as coaches, counsellors, virtual assistants, teachers and consultants who have been in business for less than 2 years