About Me

Hey! I'm Kathy and I am the face behind Zendants! I only found spirituality a couple of years after receiving a psychic reading, (which I so cynically wanted to be wrong...but it was too spot on to ignore!) From a very young age I felt a strong connection to stones, shells and anything that had come from earth. I loved admiring their own individual uniqueness, its shape, colour and especially any unique markings. Over time, my connection to all things crystal, angels & meditation has grown and I now channel my passion for creativity into this... Zendants! From bespoke crystal jewellery, to commissioned spiritual artwork, if you feel the urge to reach out and chat anything witchy then please do, I love finding like-minded souls! 

What I Offer

I love connected with like minded souls, and for me, spirituality isn't about reaching an end goal. It's a continual learning & growing as we navigate through our human existance. I have always been creative and find it a really important outlet for me to destress, clear my thoughts and fulfil part of my soul's purpose. I love to use this creativity to help expand my spiritual knowledge, such as researching different crystals and their properties, essential oils & their healing benefits etc.

I find working with the moon cycles and in alignment with the Universe helps restore some peace and structure within my chaotic 3d world! Writing about these, again, help to develop as well as share my knowledge on how we can all be in more alignment with this amazing planet we live on.