About Me

My background, I was a primary school teacher, but now I want to do something from home that works around my lifestyle and my family. I can work my own hours, feel worthy, feel valued, and feel I’m contributing to the household income so that my husband, a secondary school teacher, can retire 10 years early.
UW has given me the opportunity to grow personally, help others change their lives, and grow my legacy for a great future. Being a partner is a role that’s open to anyone so let’s have a chat if you or anyone you know needs a generous second income or Plan B.

I’m Musical Director of a local community choir during term time which I love as my main hobby. Music has been an important part of my whole life. I love that my life is quite diverse with various things going on to keep me busy and motivated. Of course, my children are the reason I am always planning ahead and thinking of the future.

I’m so happy to be an ambassador for WEW UK because I love supporting other women and encouraging them to be the best they can be, whatever life throws at them. It’s the perfect set up to keep growing my own confidence too. This group is great for giving and receiving value, worth, self-esteem and all round girl power!

What I Offer

As a Partner with Utility Warehouse I show people a better option for their essential service provision. We bundle together gas, electric, phone and broadband to make them cheaper and all in one place – one simple bill a month with everything on it. Customers can choose which services to take, but by taking all of them they will save more all round, for example adding broadband to the bundle lowers the gas and electric costs by at least 20%. They also get free LED lightbulbs plus other great ways to lower their bill such as using our Cashback Card for all their shopping.

For people who find bills overwhelming, I make sense of it all and help them see if they’re paying too much with their current providers. I have a friendly conversation face to face or over the phone to show how it works and to carry out a bill review. There’s no pressure to switch if it’s not right for them, but I know I’m making their lives easier as well as reducing their costs when they do switch to us.

Customers don’t contact current providers, UW HQ takes care of everything for them. With UW, switching your provider really isn’t the hassle many people think it is, it’s so easy!

Things people love about being UW customers:
• All services on one simple monthly bill with one direct debit
• Free LED lightbulbs that lower energy usage by 15%
• Fair, reduced costs with no sneaky rises when contracts end
• Taking a further £20, 30, 40+ off their utility bill every month by using our Cashback card on all their spending
• Our award-winning customer service based in London, not on the other side of the world!
• The fact we’ve won 30 Which? Magazine awards over the past 10 years (and Which? has the most reputable consumer led ratings)
• A free Gourmet Society card for extra discounts out and about
• Long term, loyal customers are treated fairly and not taken advantage of
• UW keeps helping to lower bills rather than raising them
• Getting a free bill by referring new customers (ask about this)
• It’s totally British, trustworthy and hugely successful (on the FTSE 250 for 20 years)
• Personal contact with a UW partner – and that’s me!

Let’s face it, bills are pretty boring, but what I don’t find boring at all is when I help a family save a lot of money whilst giving them peace of mind too. A struggling family in Birmingham recently saved over £1000p/a with me. Now they can pay for their son’s driving lessons and send their daughter to Uni with much less to worry about.
A retired couple hadn’t realized how much they were paying unnecessarily, now they’ve ‘saved a fortune.’
Our happy customers are the reason I get excited, because I’ve helped them sort out their boring bills once and for all so they can get on with the more exciting stuff in their lives!