Services Offered

  • Hypnotherapy Service, Hypnosis for change is just one of my tools.It is an amazingly effective and is often directly responsible for major changes in an individual’s life pattern. Hypnosis can be very successful for the following issues Anxiety and stress reduction Addictions – Smoking, Drinking, Food Cravings Phobias and panic attacks Building self confidence Regression therapy Money mindset change Weight loss programmes ‘Virtual Gastric band system’ Self-hypnosis can be experienced in a session with instruction given. Download free self-hypnosis mp3 and script from my website

  • Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) Our mind and body work as one. We experience internal mental chatter and thoughts and feelings are expressed into the body.

  • Spiritual Guidance and Tarot Readings I have always had a spiritual gift and been guided by my intuition. This is the reason I am working as the Soul Pathfinder Coach. This name was communicated to me by my spiritual guide, to coach people to find and develop their own unique gift. I work in a very intuitive way and receive messages and guidance to enable me to guide my clients via this gift. I provide Tarot Readings on request, as another form of guidance from the spiritual realms.

  • My one to one coaching is personally tailored to assist you to enhance your mindset and create a growth mindset for lasting change. Get from where you are right now and progress to where you want to be, by working with me. Working with me will empower you to unlock your inner magic and create lasting change.

About Me

My Journey – I am a spiritual healer. I have always been intuitively drawn to help people.

My chosen careers have seen me work initially in Nursing within the NHS and in the private sector as an Occupational Health Advisor protecting employee’s well-being at work.

Having worked in variety of corporate organizations, with all levels of staff, empowering, and influencing Well-being, Mental Health, Stress Management and creating positive work/life balances.

Stress and anxiety are the main causes of most illnesses, both physically and mentally.

I’ve personally experienced both in my life, due to certain work environments.

Being a ‘people pleaser’, I have given too much of my own energy and power away showing care for everybody else’s mental health and ignored my own, until it was too late.

I needed to step back, in order to find my own healing from within.

Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) Spiritual Coaching empowered me to regain my energy, own my unique vibration and discover my true self and the gift I had within.

I now know, my true gift is to empower women just like you to manifest the life you want.

By activating your true soul perfect pattern, unlocking potential both personally and professionally, to be happy in life’s journey. Guided by your spiritual inner guide.

I believe the reason why we are here, is to unwrap our gift and reveal our true unique identity to the world.

Join this collective community of conscious vibrational change by creating a confident inner power, to rise and be the best version of you.



What I Offer

My name is Jackie Reeves, I am the Soul Pathfinder Coach.

Offering highly intuitive Spiritual Coaching, Stress Management, Wellbeing Consulting, Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT).

I have provided transformational coaching for thousands of women and intuitively guided men that are looking to find their true identity.

I provide a variety of tools to reduce stress and anxiety to build resilience and create an ideal life.

My intuitive coaching, builds and develops inner confidence within each person.

This enables lasting changes in whatever area it is required - life, soul or business.

I am here to guide, support and mentor you. Endorsing proof to you that change is possible, because I have made that change.

I have faced many challenges on my path and know the power within can be activated.

Now I want to empower and create positive change for YOU, allowing you to give yourself permission to work on your True Self.

My one to one coaching is personally tailored to assist you to enhance your mindset and create a growth mindset for lasting change.

Get from where you are right now and progress to where you want to be, by working with me.

Working with me will empower you to unlock your inner magic and create lasting change.


Heal and release old mindsets and blockages standing in your way
Learn to use powerful tools and techniques which will help you in your daily life
Receive unprecedented insight and unwavering support
Create the confidence to live your best life in flow of your unique vibration
Balance inner systems to create outward changes and get results.

By providing you with the tools to tap into your mindset, which will reduce tension in the body, release the spirit to uncover your souls’ purpose and I will be at your side every step of the way.

The “Perfect Pattern” – as spoken by Plato – The Devine Design – There is a divine design for each person.

“There is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill it, something you are to do, which no one else can do”

This is your true destiny or destination, it is up to you to challenge yourself and come out of your comfort zone and follow through.

To find out more contact me today to arrange a free 30 minutes coaching call and let the journey begin.


  • Recommendations what people say Coaching

    "Jackie is a highly skilled and intuitive coach. She can hear the music behind the words.

    Jackie is an empathetic and sensitive practitioner while saying how it is, not mincing her words when tough is needed.

    I wholly recommend and endorse Jackie. If you have something that needs working through or when life gets in the way or that obstacle appears as a mountain, Jackie is the person to help you get back on track."

    Service Category: Career Coach
    Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

    Linda Curtis

  • Hypnotherapy sessions

    “I went to see Jackie to help with anxiety in day to day life. I was initially apprehensive and wasn’t sure what to expect but straight away Jackie put me at ease and was easy to talk to. After a couple of sessions, I definitely had a more positive and realistic outlook, but the most amazing transformation was when I went on holiday to Florida a few weeks later. I have not been on rollercoasters for many years as I have felt too scared but on holiday I went on every single ride and didn’t feel anxious or nervous – it was such an amazing feeling! I would definitely recommend Jackie for hypnotherapy – it’s a very subtle change which you can’t put your finger on, but it definitely helped and I would go back if I felt I needed more sessions.”

    Maria Grimshaw