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About Me

I am a single Mum of 3 amazing Children, having suffered abuse as a child and spending time in care, being a good Mum means more than anything to me.
I want my Children to feel loved, happy and care free for as long as possible and create happy memories of their childhood, something of which was robbed from me.

I am currently studying a Business Degree with a view to doing my master’s in art therapy. This is my true passion. It’s what I can give back to those who need the support and to show that even though there is a lot of darkness, light is much brighter, and you can always make it if you just believe you can.
This new chapter of my life is exciting, I have overcome so much already but by using my life experiences as a way to help others, it makes everything that happened easier to live with.

I am building my art/writing business from home , and finishing a degree and will continue the work in schools until the time is right. I feel I am just starting my professional career in new roles that I am sure to love and relate to, its also about experiences and I feel my experiences will help the work that I will do.
I have just passed my art therapy course online training, I have a diploma and extra CPD credits, I passed all 10 modules at 100% and that is because I also used my life experiences to answer the questions too.
I have been able to land 2 jobs with-in lockdown to work on a fostering panel, and to work with a charity within the prison service, to help children and families experiencing difficulties.

All the books, and packs that I have created, comes from my life experiences, in order to help others that have gone through similar, or just not able to express themselves. I am a proud mum, and I am proud that some-how I have been able to come out of what life threw at me. I am now standing strong and more than ever, my confidence is finally growing.

Everyone has a life story to tell, I guess this is mine, and I just want to show others that life can get better if you have the right support around you. And never to give up on your dreams which we all have too, I am just starting my new adventure, and I am sure life has more to throw at me, but I am ready to face it. I am now a strong, intelligent, confident woman/friend, mother. I was always kind hearted and love the fact I can help others. That is my life plan to give back to those who helped me, you give to receive which I totally believe.

What I Offer

I am a children’s Author and have created 4 books so far, 2 are with a character called B! Which is named after my daughter Belle. My other 2 books are Art Therapy Books, where I have used my past, emotions and love of art to create a 45-page book to support others. I also created a children’s version so that children are able to also express themselves and be creative whilst being themselves too. The books also have positive quotes and shows you how everyone can draw, whatever their ability. I encourage this in my workbooks. So, I have also created packs around these books but more on colour therapy side but using colour as well as art to express our feeling through the use of art.
The work I do has always been to help others, there is always someone else that has a greater need than your own, and since I was a teenager I have always worked well with children. I feel I have that natural touch and natural instinct, ask anyone who knows me!

I am passionate about this role because the work that I want to do and started to do, is to help, support others. I have been through therapy most of my teenage years, up to being an adult. I know how scary it can be, and how others could possibly see you in a different light with a label attached to you and that’s why I am working to become a qualified art therapist.

The life journey that I have been through was never an easy one, moments I never thought I would pass but I did from the help and support given to me from professionals and friends too. I feel that everyone should be able to ask for help, and not be afraid what others think but to be given the support they need.

The work that I do here or anywhere else with the next chapter that is coming in my life, I want to give back I want to help but also bring my own life experiences, and achievements to say actually this can be possible. It’s finding the right support and to have someone who will listen and to show that no matter what has happened in life it can be fixed, and to show that there is always another positive way instead of always looking for the negative.

This is the work I have created
I have created a few different packs, each one has a different meaning to me, some more personal but I feel that is good as it has a meaning why it’s been created.
• The first pack is my connection pack, bringing children and carers together. This pack has been created as I have experience being with-in the care system at the age of 14 which was a very painful experience. Having to come from a hospital bed from an overdose, and your mother deciding she was not going to come and collect you.
• Entering a home, I didn’t know, but I knew the people only as growing up my whole world had been turned upside down, lost my family everything I knew and also being abandoned by a woman who was meant to protect me.
• The reason behind this pack is to help children that have nothing when entering a new home, to people they don’t know, to help with those struggling emotions that always be looked upon as a difficult child. Children don’t know how to express themselves in a difficult situation, the react mostly in a negative way because they have lost the whole life no matter what background they have been taken from.

So, you have work sheets that the children can fill in as well as the carers sitting down with them and helping and learning what the child is actually feeling, with out being looked at as if they can’t be dealt or coped with.
You have games, mind puzzles, stickers, arts and crafts, activity sheets, pack of emotion cards that help express you’re self even without feeling the child has to talk also the child can even carry it around with them as they are on the go!

The adventure pack on the go
So, this pack has the same things, but this is for the loving nature said that I have, but also the love of mystical creates as I have a love of fairies and mermaids what child doesn’t want to be lost in a different world? My good memories of my childhood are about being always outdoors with my uncles and my sister and brother, we always learnt a lot about nature and always playing outside as we were always told to go outside.

But also, with the adventures I do with my children I am always outdoors rain or shine and allowing them to actually have a childhood that I really didn’t have. To create the books was just wonderful my children get to see that there is so much more to life, and I feel that always adding a bit of magic to that they will have happy and good memories of their mum.

It’s always about quality time with me and them I always try and show them the happy and positive ways of life and to show that I love them, which I hardly experienced growing up which I never will not do with them they are my life!

And to also show children how important nature is and how we need to treasure it, or it will disappear for good, but you also help and make art from nature too it can give us so much with-out is realising it.

Coaching with creativity/women’s art therapy pack/programme
This pack has been created slightly on my point of why and how art has always been an escape for me, it was my saviour and the only thing I relied on because I never trusted anyone, apart from my nan she was the only me who never let me down.

And the only one who ever believed in me until she died, now I have the loveliest support around me 3 ladies are my inspiration, but all have something different to give and support as well as my other friends who are family. The work that I have created is a mixture of my nan and them, because no matter what stages of life they were in and have come back I felt they were more than just a social worker, a counsellor, and a woman that I consider as a mum role they cared way beyond of their titles.

But creating this pack is all about myself and actually realising I am good enough and that I well and truly have people that care and love me, for who I am no matter what background I have come from and that I had mental health. Each piece I have created has a meaning behind it and who has inspired me in my life no matter what profession they hold, or what relationship I have had with them people enter and re-enter your life for a reason.

And the best part about this pack is I know it can do some good for others, my book girls can draw too has helped some woman already, which I am proud of and can finally say inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places.

Who has this helped?
Well so far, I have sold copies of the first 3 books, at fairs, schools I did start doing events a local school, as well as launching an art competition for schools. Didn’t get far as lockdown happened but through lockdown, I sold 22 copies of my girls can draw too book! As well as art packs for people personalized boxes for children. This book is also being used with in my son’s class as a resource his teacher has a copy and she is using it for when the children has expression exercises to help with emotions.

I have also sent my first box adventure packs to a friend who works in the therapeutic field, to where she works it’s more a tester as none of my boxes have been tested yet! I have created feedback forms to go with the boxes, one child friendly simple illustrations of how the pack made them feel and for the grownups to send me actual feed-back, on how their childrens experience was with the pack.

Emotion cards are for children to set your emotions free! 20 cards double sided, with what emotions go with colours and how colours make us feel, colour matches and 5 art activity cards.

Grownup cards positivity cards, are a pack of 30 all in suits of their own little illustrations with positive words and their meanings, and also double sided.

There is a lot that this work can do and I am reaching it, I have sold many copies of books and have been doing work with in schools, and creating activities for children especially for world book day march 2020 which has really motivated more as it went better than expected.

Who I can help/ who’s my target audience?
I feel that with the work that I have created I can help children and women that seems to be my target audience in the work that I have created, I have always worked with children quite well and have always had a passion to work with children. I guess I have had lots of negative things happen in my life, but having siblings I also looked after them too, learning to clean and cook at a very young age with no choice.

And for me it’s not just for children and woman with tough backgrounds, but my vison for my work is that everyone is able to express who they really are without being afraid to show who they are. To be creative, and for parents to allow their children to make, and paint and just be kids and to have fun a proper childhood. Everyone deserves to be loved, treasured and to be shown how life could be no matter what background you come from, and what childhood was experienced.

My target audience is for all children from all walks of life, and woman who just need that extra support and to show no matter what happens in life there is help out there. But I come with a different approach through using art and creativity and the love of using colour and expression.