About Me

Since I started working in a card shop as a Saturday girl when I was 14 I have always worked but in 2015 I was made redundant and found myself pretty much unemployable. After several interviews and making several short lists the consultant at a local recruitment company told me not to tell them that I was a single Mum or that I had four children! I was made to feel a bit ashamed that I was a divorced Mum and had “so many children”. I was furious and also fairly certain that my ex husband had never had to justify or explain his childcare provisions during an interview. It was at that point that I decided to go solo and I started working as a freelance digital trainer.

I love training! Almost all of the different jobs I have done have inevitably ended up with me training others. The light bulb moment when something makes sense is what I aim for and I have a real passion for turning on as many light bulbs as possible. I have been very lucky to work with many big businesses in my time as a freelancer including household and high street brands and names as well as speaking at conferences and associations to up to 200 people in an audience (and live broadcasts to many more).

However, I always found myself coming back to small businesses. People would approach me after they had heard me speak at conferences and events and would say “I know I can’t afford you but…” and that seemed wrong to me. Just because someone has a smaller budget shouldn’t mean that they can’t access the help that they need and it was out of that belief that Focus Your Future was born in 2020. Maybe not ideal timing in the middle of a pandemic but now more than ever small businesses need to get to grips with digital marketing. It’s grown and it isn’t going anywhere.

My hope in becoming an Ambassador is to be able to reach more women in business who would benefit from learning more about digital. Digital doesn’t have to be scary, confusing or overwhelming. Learning the principles behind it and understanding how it works means that business owners can feel empowered and make better decisions for themselves and their business.

What I Offer

After years of working freelance as a digital marketing trainer I launched Focus Your Future in June 2020 with one aim - to help small business owners to grow their business using the power of digital marketing.

As a busy single Mum of four boys I understand the juggle and the stress of trying to grow a business around commitments and I know how precious time is. Every minute you spend on your business is important and I am a firm believer that when you understand something you can make better decisions about your business so you get the most out of the time you do have.

I have worked with big businesses, including some high street names, but always disliked the fact that training and help could be prohibitively expensive for small businesses. Focus Your Future was born to help smaller businesses to afford the same quality training and coaching but at a more affordable price.

What I offer:
How you work with me is up to you and I offer several different types of help.

Bitesize courses are downloadable and instant watch courses that you can access at any time. I add more courses every month so I am building a library of valuable resources for small businesses.

Six times I year I also open the doors to my Academy which is a 6 week group coaching course on either social media or digital marketing. In the Academy you get weekly access to new material as well as ongoing support in an exclusive Facebook group to help business owners to grow their business on social media.

Alternatively I also work with clients on a one to one basis through either a Digital Success Audit (a review of your current situation and a 60 minute session to help in developing a plan to improve and move forward) or you can join my Journey to Digital Success where you get 6 hours of one to one coaching and hands on support.