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Our Mission

A safe-space for Women across the UK to connect & support each other.

Our mission is to empower ALL Women to be their true, authentic selves!

As a Community Interest Company, we are a not-for-profit organisation. This means, any profits we make from membership fees, events etc will be invested back into charities & projects supporting Women across the UK!


The World of Womanhood has changed dramatically in the last 50 years or so! Women fought hard to achieve  a level playing field, some of which we take for granted in today’s society such as receiving a full education, working in corporate positions, going to the pub alone, the right to vote, the list goes on,  however there is still much more work to be done.

Whilst we have vastly improved the way Women are perceived in our capabilities, this can also come with added pressures for so many of us. The expectation to not only thrive in our career or  business, but continue to run a home, raise a family, along with others that are caring for parent’s and loved ones. We feel the need to be ‘Super Human’ which can be not only draining but seriously detrimental to our mental health and overall wellbeing. So many Women battle with their daily demands, with often little or no support. For many of us, life can be a very lonely place to be.

Each one of us has a story to tell. From hiding our own voice & feelings from family or culture, suffering daily physical, mental or coercive abuse, or contending with the rollercoaster of parenthood whilst struggling to make ends meet.

 Throughout our members-only forums, interactive events & social media platforms, we hold a safe space for ALL women to support, advise and inspire others across the UK to live their best life!

We support Corporate Businesses by helping them to understand Women’s health issues and show them how they can keep happy productive staff whilst supporting their local community.

Our long-term aim is to create educational material for children to prevent unhealthy relationships and domestic abuse victims/perpetrators of the future. The Founder of WEWUK-CIC not only experienced domestic abuse and homelessness as a result herself, but also went on to be a Police Officer for 17 years, where she gave talks to Children in Schools across East Birmingham to create awareness and safeguard Children from aged 9-18.

Meet the Founder

Nichola Hemming has certainly had her share of difficulties throughout her life, which is what drives her to help and support others today.

Nichola suffered domestic abuse in her early years which became so bad, that she was forced into being homeless with her then 2 and 4 year old Daughters, carrying just a few bags of clothes with no place to go. She then met someone and became pregnant with her 3rd Daughter and found out that her Mom was terminally ill with pancreatic cancer. Her mom was not only her best friend and her support, but also her Business Partner. Nichola had to keep everything running whilst pregnant and caring for her dying Mom. Her mom died just 6 weeks before her Daughter was born.

Nichola Hemming

Meet the Head Office Team


Serennah Roy

Head of Finance


Charlotte Johnson

Head of Website

Kathy White

Head of Social Media & Marketing

The Women Empowering Women Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are a team of professional, caring and uplifting women who are dedicated to supporting women throughout the UK in all areas of life and business.